The White Crow


They met each other 4 years ago at Circus Starlight in Switzerland.  They worked together there for 2 years. Alexander Grimailo who choreographed and developed a new style of Russian bar for them created their act during this time.


Yuri Kreer


Yuri Kreer comes from acrobatic sport.  With his partners he was the Russian champion in acro-sport many times.  He has since worked all around the world performing with many different circus companies.  His specialites are Hand to Hand and acrobatic acts.


Johnny Gasser

Johnny Gasser is the 5th generation from a circus family in Switzerland.  He has been on stage since he was a child.  He graduated in 2001 after 3 years at the circus school in Montreal and he also trained several times in Russia.


Carole Demers


Carole is from Canada.  She competed in artistic gymnastics when she was a child and was National Champion.  She also did competitive trampoline for several years.  When she finished her gymnastics career she was invited to join a Russian bar act and ran away with the circus.  Since that moment she has never looked back!